Barcelona Like a Local


What was supposed to be a trip to Rome ended up being a second visit to Barcelona. My last night in Iceland kinda made me change my plans. As I have mentioned on my post about Iceland that I was depressed by the darkness, I just wasn’t sure of what to expect in Rome. So I decided to play it safe call me a chicken it’s fine , and I went to Spain for the second time in 11 months.

I had so much fun during my first visit and couldn’t even do everything I had set on my itinerary. Barcelona has a lot to offer from hikes in the colorful Park Guell to the majestic Sagrada Famillia.

But since this was not a planned trip, I decided to do it like a local. I met up with a friend from Belgium who has been staying in Barcelona for some time and he took me to all the hidden gems.

I stayed at Kabul Hostel because it’s more central, just a walking distance to all the hot spots. And it’s just behind La Rambla street and a walking distance to the metro.

Started off the day by visiting the harbor

Then some beach time with local food inbetween

Feeding ducks in park Ciutadella 


Then finally…

  just a random city walk and I came across the Arc De Triomf which used to be the main access gate to Barcelona in the 1800


Iceland in Winter

Everyone kept asking me “Are you out of your mind?  Why on earth would you wanna visit Iceland in winter?” Well, I do loose my mind here and there , but this time it wasn’t that. The thought of seeing the Northern Lights just overcame all other aspects…

Sao Paulo Free Walking Tour

This walking tour wasn’t really interesting. Firstly, it was way too long just over 3 hours. And secondly, it was boring. I mean I didn’t travel 9 hours to go and see the reserve bank of Sao Paulo. So some of the places they took us to was not…