Milan, Italy – Day 24

We are creators of our universe and every wish that we want to create will manifest in our lives. Therefore, our wishes, thoughts and feelings are very important because they will manifest,(Rhonda Byne, The Secrete).

This is what went through my mind as I was boarding a flight from Amman in Jordan flying to Milan. The past 4 days have been bitter sweet. Jordan has plenty of beautiful sites to admire, breathtaking landscape and interesting Bedouin people. But I had been feeling a bit under the weather the past 2 days. I didn’t like the hotel that I had booked because of lack of hygiene – I mean who allows mold to build up on a shower head?- , as a result I became homesick. So as I board the plane I intentionally work on my thoughts and feelings. I am expecting to have a time of my life in Milan. I am excited about Milan, and I’m loving it already. I look forward to meeting interesting travelers in Milan.

All your joy is on the frequency of love-the highest and the most powerful frequency of all. Your ability to generate feelings of love is unlimited and when you love you are in complete harmony with the universe.

As you radiate love, it will appear as though the entire universe is doing everything for you, moving every joyful thing to you, and moving every good person to you.

Upon arrival at the hostel in Milan, the receptionist asked how was my flight, to which I answered “very long” as I took off my backpack and put it on the floor. His next question was “beer or wine?” and I answered “wine”. Before I knew it, a glass of red wine was waiting for me on an empty table in the dining area adjacent to the reception desk. That is the law of attraction at work. I haven’t even checked-in but I’m already reaping the fruits of positive expectations.

By the way, Milan wasn’t part of my itinerary for my month long trip. I had planned to visit it later in the year. From Jordan, the plan is to go to Switzerland. The only reason I find myself in Milan was that the cheapest flight from Jordan was to Milan. And when you are travelling for a month, you need to use your money wisely so that you don’t miss out on any activity. From Milan, I will then take a train to one the most expensive countries in the world, Switzerland. Instead of taking the train the same day I had landed from Jordan, I decided to spend 2 nights in the second largest city of Italy.

Milan is not only the global fashion capital, it is very rich in history. The city provides a harmonious mix of modern and traditional. It is brimming with historical art and architecture, modern skyscrapers, high-end fashion, green spaces and mouthwatering Italian cuisine. All of these factors make for compelling reasons to add Milan to your bucket list.

As I sip the wine my new friend had bought me , a tourist came over to my table and asked if I wanted to join her to visit one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, to which I agreed. My heart was just flooded with joy, I haven’t even checked in and I already have a friend to go sightseeing with. Everything seems to be working in my favor. I spent the rest of the day taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Duomo of Milan with my newly found companion who was flying out the following day. The Duomo is a Catholic cathedral which was build in1386 by the Archbishop of Milan,  Antonio da Saluzzo, . The new structure was partly to celebrate the arrival of a new Lord of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Visconti, who was replacing their former tyrannical ruler. The Archbishop and the new Lord of Milan wanted to build a cathedral that would make people marvel at the glory of God and power of the city. . At the time, Milan was more politically connected to France than Rome, and the new cathedral was designed in a local variation of the Gothic style.

As I mentioned earlier on that Milan is very rich in history, I always prefer exploring cities that are rich in history by foot. The next day I decided to book a free walking tour with one of the free walking tour groups I found on google. This is how it works; you make a booking in their site by filling in your name and choosing the time of the walking tour. They will then send you an email confirming your booking and the meeting spot. Walking tours are normally 2 hours long and are suitable for any level of fitness. The walking pace is normally very slow, with regular stops at major attractions where the guide tells you all that he knows about that particular attraction. At the end of the tour, you then give the guide a tip because they don’t earn a salary for the work they do.

I opted for the historic walking tour and these are the places we visited;

  • Sforzesco Castle
  • Statale University
  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Piazza della Scala
  • Old Financial District
  • Galleria Victor Emmanuel II
  • Santa Maria delle Grazie

I understand that not everyone is a history buff, so I’ll talk about the above mentioned attractions on a different post. However, I have to mention 2 things that I found intriguing. It is uncertain whether the sculpture with the middle finger was designed like that or it was a hand with all five fingers which over time fell off. But the most surprising part is that the sculpture is in front of the reserve bank of Milan and everybody seems to be okay with it. Secondly, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie houses the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Milan. It houses one of the most famous pieces of art ever created – Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” (or Cenacolo Vinciano in Italian.)The 15th-century painting covers the end wall of the refectory of the church. It is one of Milan’s top attractions and you will need to book your tickets in advance as only 1300 visitors are allowed daily.

The only fly in the ointment about this trip is that I was unable to enjoy Italian cuisines because most restaurants were closed due to Easter holidays. The gelato made up for the missed Italian cuisines though.

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