This walking tour wasn’t really interesting. Firstly, it was way too long¬†just over 3 hours. And secondly, it was boring. I mean I didn’t travel 9 hours to go and see the reserve bank of Sao Paulo. So some of the places they took us to was not necessary. The history behind the city was interesting, but I would have preferred a local to tell me all about it over a cup of coffee rather than walk up and down the hill roads of Sao Paulo for over 3 hours. So basically, I do not recommend it.

So let me give you a glimpse of what Sao Paulo looks like…


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  1. How much was your complete trip to finland, everything included. I would really like to see the northern lights.Where are the stories about the hostals, the stories after dark, the riske side of these trips. If you added those you would appeal to a wider audience…look at fifty shades…lol.

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