1. There’s a whole lot of walking involved and climbing up and down canal bridges. My hostel was 20min  (walking) away from the main bus station called Piazzale  Roma and I had to go over six bridges. So you can imagine how exhausting it must have been with my luggage.  There other thing is there are no taxis unlike most countries where you can just take a cab outside your hostel. All means of transport are around Piazzale Roma, a train station as well as a water bus station. So be prepared to walk.

2.  Venice is very safe. As a female solo traveler, I felt very safe walking alone at night. It gets really quiet though, but I loved strolling over the canal bridges and looking over the still waters in canals (talk about priceless moments).

3. Coffee is cheaper when you have it by the counter than when seated. Being a budget traveler means I have to stretch my money. I’m a coffee lover by the way so I really enjoying sitting in for a cup of coffee. But this time around, i always had my coffee by the counter. I couldn’t afford to spend extra Euros just to sit in.


4.The Acqua Altar. So I found out about this a week before my Venice trip and I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. So these are high tides that flood into Venice Lagoon  leaving part of the city under water.  Well Venetians are quiet used to it, saw some pics of some of them enjoying coffee around a table while water goes up to their knees. So its better you know about this before you go so that you don’t freak out when it happens. If you don’t like the idea of getting wet, then you can just get yourself rain boots( they’ve got ones that go up to your thighs).

5. They serve the best hot chocolate. Being a coffee lover,  I always look forward to having coffee in every country that I go to. So their hot chocolate is the best(my opinion) by far. It tastes like melted chocolate, so rich and so damn delicious.


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